And as the dirt settles

January 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

for Pappa

Is there music for silence?
For visions?

Crime waves
Sound waves
Music for Fridays
The soundtrack to Friday
Was my second album

Music for adolesence
Music for adultery
Adult music
Music for the backroom
Under the shelf kind-of-music
Sexy music
Music for lovemaking
Barry White, Marvin Gaye
Club cubicle quick shag for slag music

Vorspiel music
Nachspiel music
Eyes wide open orgy music
Insatiable appetite gorging music
Guilt ridden taxi ride back home type of music
Walk of shame music
Judging looks music for long legged muses
Jealously music
It’s music for uglies
Music for fuglies
Who fornicate never, that’s
Susan Boyle music

Music to start the day with
And carry you through
To put you to bed at the end when it’s through
Escalator music by tunnel mole buskers
Elevator Muzak for next levels
Inspiring, encouraging motivational music
For the workplaces
Workplace radios and
Rampant Rabbits
Under admin desks, hiding
Vibrator music
MP3-players with leads leading
Lower, into
Luxurious underwear
All in lace and geared
Up from front to rear
Lusciously pushed IN
Strapped UP to the MUSIC

Riding the Reggae
Back & forth
On their swivel chairs
Dribbling there
Music to come to
She’s loving the BEAT
Faster, faster
Oh Benny
Oh Benassi
oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Music to die for
Funeral Music
I will bury my Father to music
Already chosen compositions
It’s settled
He knows his soundtrack for nextland
Songs he was moved by
Songs he felt in his heart
Songs he can feel in his chest

And as the chest settles, on the ground
And as the crowd settles, around
And as the dust settles, around
And as the dirt settles, to ground
And as the dirt settles
And as the dirt settles
To church bells
The service lives through the organ music
My Father’s central organ, muted
Silenced in his chest
My father lies silent in his chest
Listening to the crying of his loved ones
The crying of his loved ones, abreast

And then comes the silence

(This piece was written for my monthly residency at the Light & Shadow Salon to the theme of Music & the Moving Image)


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§ 4 Responses to And as the dirt settles

  • noir says:

    There is a recurring theme evident of a fascination with sex,procreation and death. A cycle with boundaries that blur beauty and rot, cause pain in gothic romanticism twisted in genteel brutality, and then strangely turn you on with it s morbid viscous liquids all blending together as one. or maybe it was Benassi’s SATISFACTION! that somehow pulled that audio beat right into my living room as I read the poem. By the way, is the Dad alright?

    • A/C Fume says:

      I hope you don’t mind me quoting that, because I will. You’re pretty damn good with words. When comes your book of backyard travels, gastronomy and perfectly shameless hedonism? The Dad is alive and well thank you. I hope it shall stay like that forever.

  • mahshid says:

    Very deep and interesting didn’t want it to end. Well done hun. Your material is very spontaneous and intriguing. Plz update me with more. You know I have love for poems and a passion for music. That was very touching towards the ending part. 😦

    • A/C Fume says:

      Mahshid, thank you. Coming from a talent such as yourself that is a great compliment. If you hit ‘subscribe’ you’ll be automatically updated when new pieces are posted. Or check/follow the twitter @KetamineCamera . Still singing?

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